Let It all Begin Scent Journey Collection

Let It all Begin Scent Journey Collection


Let It All Begin Scent Journey Collection

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The Scent Journey of LET IT ALL BEGIN is about transforming bath time into a personal spiritual practice in accessing the nourishing SOURCE within. This source is imagined here in our film and label art as a warm scented spring-fed hamam that nourishes the roots of The Tree of Life which resides within the vessel of Self. It's about knowing that the only way out is IN and being willing and courageous enough to go there.

Consider this a scented invitation to experience your ability to find delight in the spice of life, cultivating new skills to experience everyday life as an epic drama that's too good to be missed. It's about allowing yourself to surf the emerging edges of life rather than feeling pushed around by them.

Be True to Yourself. Explore and experience everything. Believe nothing.

Whether your time allows for only a short featurette or a full blown 60mm epic adventure begin by setting your intentions as you breathe in the warm scented steam. With reverence, cleanse, strengthen and nourish your hair and crown with Coriander Seed, Clementine Rind, and Ylang Ylang Flowers. These Moon, Sun, and Mars ruled plants will assist the King and Queen within you to balance Vulnerability and Courage in Strength and Wisdom.

Then, choose to receive unconditional blessings as you massage-wash, scrub and worship at your body-temple with precious Frankincense and Cedarwood essences to inspire and empower you. Let the energy of these Sun ruled trees support and nourish your body and soul.

Then, to close the ritual, choose to let go of all fear as you towel down vigorously (if it tickles and makes you laugh then you're doing it right!) and then feed and hydrate your skin all over with Ho Wood, Patchouli and Bay Rhum shea butter lotion. The synergy of these essences protects and uplifts the body and mind while invoking a relaxed sense of ease and power as you move into the world.