The Royal Way

The best way to understand why we exist starts with you. Take a breath and imagine yourself as a Lunar Queen and Solar King all merged into one Beautiful Being. Can you feel that?

OK. Now, imagine that you’re residing within your own body-temple relaxing on a Green Throne at the center of a grand Garden Kingdom. Enjoying the scents of nature and listening to the fountains and streams.

From this Throne you are master of your domain and sovereign of your everyday life. You also somehow know that to successfully live, create, love and die to the max, you’ve got to be more than just smart - you’ve got to get wise and open your heart and mind to all of life.

As you rest in the center of this kingdom within you, imagine AMA as your personal court of expert Advisors, Astrologers, Artists, Magi, Scientists, Explorers, Entertainers and Guides of all kinds and persuasions whose sole purpose of existence is to coach, guide and inspire you into living the most artful, true, meaningful and free life you can possibly be living - right here and right now…

What came first, The Mermaid or The Egg?

Embraced and informed by Global Bathing Culture, Folk Medicine and The Hermetic Arts we thoughtfully blend Holistic Medicine and Natural Perfumery with the latest Science to create all natural self-care products.

AMA founders have conceived, created, built and managed a choice few of the most playful and visionary wellness centers and hotels. We’ve always been bathing in the rich waters of Hospitality where it meets the rivers of Wellness and Spa. It’s definitely our wet spot. We also partner with other visionary hoteliers that also believe in the magic of bathing. For these special places we custom craft all natural scent journeys and bespoke wellness rituals for your transformation and your bathing pleasure.

Why? Because we live for Transformation. We’ve been blessed to live epic lives of transformation so sharing it is like breathing - we can’t live without it.

When we started in the early 90’s we believed we could champion social change and ethical business best through transforming travel, hotels and wellness. And we did. Some of our projects are still thriving as centers of transformation for all who go there. Certainly we inspired a host of others to come just as we ourselves stood on the shoulders of the giants who came before us…

More importantly, we also succeeded in changing ourselves even more along the way. Over the past 30 years we learned that the secret to affecting any authentic change in the outer world we share is by changing our inner worlds first. So, through time and the wisdom gained through experience, our mantra and our means have become become distilled and direct.

Inspire everyone to better themselves and the world through the Wisdom of Nature while using Water as a sacred medium of Transformation one person and one bath at a time.

Welcome to the humble beginnings of our our new shop that’s more than a shop. That’s what our new adventure on the inter-web is all about. Going direct to you with all our game and magic on. In essence we are Heart-Sleeved Storytellers and we hope you enjoy the personal journeys we have to offer you through all the art, medicine and magic we have to share you.

We are forever just getting started...