"It is something to be able to paint a lovely picture, or to carve a magnificent statue, but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere in which we live."

Henry David Thoreau


SELF-CARE PRODUCTS & RITUALS - All natural, custom designed and made with love.

Your Global Folk Medicine Cabinet:

Forever inspired and embraced by The Hermetic Arts, Global Bathing Culture, Folk Medicine and Mother’s Wisdom; American Medicinal Arts blends Spagyric Alchemy, Ayurveda and Taoist Medicine with the latest science to craft artful and effective remedies, self-care essentials and rituals that nourish and empower Your Bodymind Temple.

WE ARE MAKERS of visionary vitalist health programming, healing center site design, recruitment, training and operations for successful and award winning Spa & Hotel projects.

Design for Living in Power & Health, Wisdom & Wealth.

EST. 2009