Our special mission on the planet is to use our creativity and the gifts of Nature to craft experiences that inspire a deeper connection within, let’s use each bath taken everyday a site for a shift of awareness. Transmuting the Lead of Ego into the Gold of Spirit takes the time it takes. XXXXXXXXX

Scent is perhaps one of the most powerful ways of communicating intimately. Bathing, whether solo or shared, is simply the most effective means of all time to shift anyone from one state of awareness to another. We love ritual bathing as a doorway for personal transformation because it affects us all so beautifully in body mind and soul.

By consciously using design, color, sound and scent we can begin to craft experiences that shift our awareness from the personal melodramas of our digital lives into the epic grand dramas that our our real lives, lived off the hook, off the chain, truly free and utterly shamelessly true.