KNow Thyself

The Medicinal Arts are a vast and creative world of inner and outer practices & wisdom traditions. If we approach them with sincerity and a willing heart, our conscious engagement with them can change our lives forever.

Ultimately, the medicinal arts are a pathway to transmute the Lead of Ego into the Gold of Spirit. Here, we realize our True Freedom and become The Artists of our own minds and lives.

We are talking of something entirely different, not of self-improvement, but of cessation of the self...It’s truth that liberates, not the effort to be free...
— Krishnamurti

The Medicinal Arts have existed since before recorded history and continue to this day as an ageless underground river of wisdom that nourishes the soul of humanity and the world.

These paths are for those who hear the artful call of Creation and choose to follow the golden thread through the labyrinth of life and the inner world.

They are a treasure trove hidden in plain sight, shining forth as humanity's true wealth.