Scent journey 001

Love My Way      

Where your mind goes, reality can follow. Let every deep scented breath inspire new futures and new ways of being.

For each bath collection we expand the key steps of the classic bath and create new fragrant pathways through scent for a change of mind and heart. Scent Journey 001 is the first of many fragrant paths to come. Enjoy the elements of this collection alone or rock the synergy of them all together.

Begin with inspiring and opening the mind while cleansing and nourishing the hair and scalp, then purify and embody grace with our body wash and finish with a rich all-over lotion that’s more like an exotic solid perfumed talisman. Only the highest quality essential oils are artfully blended together, each blend complimenting and building off the others, for a journey with both therapeutic and magical results.

Explore taking a ritual bath…

Frankincense, Ho Wood and Virginiana Cedar; essences of ancient magnificent ancestor trees to invoke support for us to stand tall in our True Beauty no matter what.

Sensuous mystical herbs and citrus harmonize with sea-storied Bay Rhum and sensual Patchouli for syncretic and illuminating experiences of magical bathing that draw energies from the great mystery schools along routes of exchange over old silk road routes and journeys across oceans on tall masted ships bringing fresh perspectives and expanded horizons to both our inner and outer new worlds…


THis collection was inspired by and made with love exclusively for The Line hotel Austin