A Blessing and Offering of The Hermetic Arts
& The Making of Spiritualized Spagyric Essence of Melissa


Film & Alchemical Ritual Blessing created by Jason Harler 

for American Medicinal Arts


Nov 30 — Dec 4, 2016   |   Art Basel, Miami


LOCATION: one door north of faena art forum & bazAar


As an apprentice of the Hermetic Arts one spends lifetimes learning Astrology, Alchemy and Magic. Together these rich disciplines form the foundation for the original liberal arts education that emerged from origins within The Great Mystery and flows throughout our culture as an underground stream that has forever nourished the soul of the world.

Through empiricism and direct experience, Hermetic adepts became The Wise, passing down their own Wisdom and contributions to the Hermetic Arts through a lineage that thrives to this day in service to Humankind. 

In our more recent and perhaps more arrogant age we’ve slowly stripped The Mystery from these traditions and are content to teach only astronomy, chemistry and psychology which are more acceptable versions of the former Hermetic disciplines, but now devoid of the interior dimensions of the soul that brings true meaning, wisdom and useful answers into our daily lives. Now the student must be content with storing knowledge of mere facts and the repeatable truths about only the surfaces of things

The great Alchemist and father of modern medicine, Paracelsus, created the The Spagyric method. The practice involves making empowered botanical medicines using Astrology, Alchemy and Magic. Spagyrics are made to heal the body, mind and soul through sympathy and harmony.

Plant extracts made in this way retain the life-force of the plant as it expresses and embodies the archetypal wisdom and power of the planet that it is ruled by. In our case here, we are working with the great beneficent Jupiter and one of its favored plants Melissa officinalis.


Let these images inspire the process and means by which the Artist separates the three principles of Sulfur, Mercury and Salt, purifies, elevates and then recombines them in a higher form as a complete embodiment Below of that which is Above.

Let the intentions and simple beauty of this Jupiter ceremony and its Spagyric results bless and inspire you to cultivate and embody the qualities of Jupiter which are Loving Kindness, The Power of Love, Radiant Health, Great Wealth, True Wisdom and Self Knowledge.


Everyday Revolutions: A film created by Jason Harler with Cinematography by Tanya Hughes

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