AMA arose from a small group of people wanting to make a big difference in peoples lives in simple and effective ways.

We chose to work through the lens of wellness and hospitality to reach a wide range of people with our holistic intentions and products.



Jason Harler grew up deeply immersed in Nature in the Pacific Northwest. He has always been involved in holistic healing practices, global bathing culture and exploring pathways of spiritual evolution.

Jason began practicing the inner path of Alchemy, known as Magic, at 20 years old, followed by the other great Hermetic Arts - Laboratory Alchemy and Astrology - about a decade ago.

After 12 frenzied but successful years working as an artist and entrepreneur at the confluence of fashion design, film making, night life and advertising in the seminal and world-changing cultural epicenter that was Seattle between 1988 and 2000, Jason took a much needed sabbatical.

The vision for the project that eventually became the Standard Miami was crystalized, and the business plan was written,during a winter in the woods of Washington state.

After getting his street level PhD in visionary business and Cultural Alchemy while developing and running The Standard Miami with Andre Balazs and his brilliant team for almost a decade, Jason felt the eternal call towards a more independent and artistic life again.

He made the tough decision to leave the project, taking a year off to dream up his next vision of "The Medicinal Arts" while touring the hot springs, forests and deserts (and consulting for some of his other favorite hotels along the way) of America and beyond...