We love Grupo Habita hotels and have enjoyed watching them expand over the past decade and a half. We were only too happy when they asked us to come to Acapulco to design and launch their spa. We spent about two months on site in Acapulco from February to April 2010 providing the following:

  • Spa interior design
  • Custom spa menu and treatment design
  • Back bar product design
  • Operations procedures and manuals
  • Staff recruitment and training services

Working in Mexico was full of challenges and surprises and the support we recieved from the Grupo Habita crew was amazing. The lack of restrictions in building codes allowed us to work in a very sensual way. The spa has solid walls on only two sides and takes up three floors, plus a ground floor by the ocean where we placed a wood burning Japanese Ofuro and a mini gym. The aroma steam room, colored light baths, hamam slab for treatments, tequila bar…

Taking in the waters and lounging in these magical baths by candle light with the scents and sounds of the ocean crashing below was nothing short of a sensual paradise. 

We met some of the kindest and sweetest people there and can’t wait to go back.