Found in the tombs of Pharoahs, Coriander is both ancient and widespread as a culinary, perfume, magical and medicinal herb. Long associated with love charms, immortality as well as protection Coriander Seed was once known for promoting peace amongst those who cannot get along. It marries beautifully with Ylang-Ylang Flower and Clementine Rind oil for a deeply calming yet warming and energizing blend that boosts self-confidence and opens the heart to new possibilities.

+ Aromatherapy, Magic & Science

Ruled by Mars, Coriander seed oil is specifically used to ease aches, pains and arthritic conditions. It also shows promise in managing neurodegenerative diseases. Ylang-Ylang Flower Oil is ruled by the Moon and is known for its aphrodisiac qualities along with its ability to lighten depression and ease anxiety and stress as are most Moon ruled plants. Honey Myrtle belongs to the Meleleuca family and has the highest content of Citral in that family. Citral is is known to have powerful antimicrobial properties. Honey Myrtle is also known for its ability to clear lung congestion and promote healthy airways activity. Mandarin Rind Oil brings the magnetic properties of The Sun to this blend creating a synergy of the whole that is far more than the sum of its parts. Mandarin Rind oil feels uplifting while also being grounding, a Sun like quality of grace and stamina.

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